Tracy MHC

Life often presents frustrating challenges that force us to search for a new center of gravity, but therapy helps us find a new way to stand. Coming to therapy is the first step to changing the way you feel when stressors have you feeling off-center, so let’s find your balance.

It’s important to be pragmatic and realistic with your self-care. I believe in highlighting your strengths and working together to create strategies that work for you. I can provide new perspectives that can help change how you think, and ultimately how you feel.

Together, we can create reasonable goals to help find what works for you. I have collaborated with clients seeking to address problems in their relationships and how they interact with others, and I have supported adolescents struggling with substance use and other risky behavior. Anxiety and depression are some of the various conditions that I treat.

Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice makes permanent. Learning from mistakes and challenging yourself helps you improve.

Let’s see if I’m a great fit for you!

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